Coalfield Regional Opportunity Fund (CROF)

Performance based loan and/or grant fund to assist with workforce development and training in the coalfield region of Virginia.


Cumberland Plateau Revolving Loan Fund (CPRLF)

Low-interest loan program for businesses in the coalfield region of Virginia.


Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)

Foreign-trade zones allow businesses to defer paying U.S. Customs duties on imported goods held within the zones until the goods enter the United States for domestic consumption. No duties are paid if goods are re-exported. Companies also receive the benefit of not having to pay duties on broken or scrapped product. Businesses are allowed to store goods within FTZs for an unlimited period of time. They are also allowed to manufacture products within FTZs and pay duties at the duty rate of either the foreign parts used or on the finished product, whichever is most advantageous to the company.


Tobacco Region Opportunity Fund (TROF)

Performance based grants and/or loans to assist in the revitalization of the Virginia’s tobacco producing regions.


Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Fund

Low-interest loan and/or grant to help create jobs and enhance the economy of the coalfield region of Virginia.


VCEDA Seed Capital Matching Fund

A grant program to assist new, start-up, and emerging small businesses in the coalfield region of Virginia.


VCEDA Tourism Capital Improvement Matching Fund

Low-interest matching loan fund to assist with development of tourism related capital improvements.