Location, Location, Location!

Its one of the best known tips for business… and Tazewell County definitely has it!
Less than 60 minutes from 3 Interstates and 4 states plus Virginia, we offer easy access to most of the U.S.

Opportunities and Incentives

Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia has opportunities for everyone and we want your business!
The County, Region, and State of Virginia offer competitive incentives to all industries.

Business Friendly Taxes

Virginia businesses pay some of the lowest taxes in the U.S.
and Tazewell County taxes matches the lowest rates in the State!


Starting A Business?

The Tazewell County IDA is here to help! Whether it’s understanding permits and licenses, learning the state or county processes, or you just have questions about running your own own business… we have resources to help you succeed.

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Use our data tools to analyze Tazewell County and all we have to offer.

Community Search & Analysis

Get to know all of the communities in Tazewell County and see which one fits your business the best.

Property Search & Analysis

Review the business sites and locations currently available in Tazewell County using our powerful real estate and community data tools.

Community Overview

Our interactive dashboards let you sort through key statistics of our population, and the communities that make up Tazewell County.

Labor Force Data

See the size and details of the work force that Tazewell County has to offer.

Occupation Data

This interactive list allows you to explore the Occupations currently found in our area.

Business Explorer

Explore all of the business types that Tazewell County currently supports to see where your organization compares, and perhaps can be a leader for something new.

Talent & Education

Learn more about the higher education institutions in our region, the various areas of study that are the most common, as well as the most common trade skills.

Mapping & GIS Data

Interactive map with customizable layers for all data sources to visualize the communities within Tazewell County, Virginia.